What is the benefit of using this website?
The Pattern generally offers numerous and various articles and blogs that help readers be inspired and be knowledgeable when it comes to home designing and improvement. We publish works that are the results of collaborations from our architects, designers and contractors. We ensure that each of our tips and tricks would be helpful for our readers.

Will the use of your site cost me money?
This website is powered by sponsored advertisements coming from different private corporations and businesses. As much as possible, we do not want our readers to be charged of any fee while using our website. We want it to be easily accessible for everybody hence making it free would help in increasing its engagement. This website is free to use by everyone who wish to have more knowledge in home construction and designing.

Will I be able to be updated of your page?
Our readers have the choice if they are going to subscribe on our website. When they subscribe, they will receive updates from or site in the forms of weekly news letters. These news letters are for free and we make sure that they will help our readers find the best style and inspiration for their homes. These news letters are rafted by or editorial staff with all their passion as they are dedicated to serve or most valued online readers.

Can we purchase materials from your website?
We do not directly distribute home essentials as we do not have the means to. We do not sell products under our name as we do not have any supply. However, we feature different home products on our website. Purchasing products from our website means we are doing to redirect you to a legit supplier who would provide for your needs.

How can we be sure that the resellers we are going to encounter are legitimate suppliers?
The Pattern is very careful when it comes to dealing with the needs of our online readers. That is why we carefully choose and screen different products that we promote to our online readers. We make sure that they will be aligned with our principle of providing the best for the best readers we have.